Strategic Programming

Arising from our mission are five holistic but integrated sustained development approaches  aimed at impacting the lives of our target beneficiaries.

What We Do

We work with the phylosophy that every human being is created in the image of God and as a result is born to fulfil a divine mandate. Individuals lives must therefore be preserved from all negative and destructive forces. This is why DOHAL is set up to improve the total quality of life of individuals.

Death Prevention Programme (DPP)

This program is set up to prevent ultimately deaths among youths, children and women in Nigeria and Africa. It involves:

  •  Provision of Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials on preventable health issues.
  • Disseminating relevant information via trainings, workshops, seminars, lectures and conferences for youth and women in our society on specific health matters such as HIV/AIDS, STDs, Malaria, Hepatitis B, Yellow fever, TB and other killer diseases that are common in Nigeria and Africa.
  • Treatment of minor ailments in local communities.
  • Liaising with relevant agencies in the area of health care delivery on vital health and life saving programmes like immunization, HIV/AIDS test and counselling, Rollback malaria, etc.
  • Facilitating nutrition education and environmental safety lectures and workshops for the benefit of the society at large.
  • Providing first aid information/training on specific health emergencies.
  • Liaising with relevant agencies for an effective campaign against medicine, hard drug, quark ‘Hospitals’ and ‘medical centres’, sexual abuse and exploitation, and other similar health hazard and life-threatening matters.
  • Provision of aid and support to the less privileged who are in need of urgent and critical medical assistance to prevent loss of life.
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Youth Emancipation and Empowerment Programme (YEEP)

This program is set up to empower African youths, inculcating in them, positive core values, discouraging them from negative and destructive tendencies so that they may live a productive life. This involves:

  • Education/Career counselling and seminars.
  • Specific scholarship award to brilliant but poor or disadvantaged child/youth.
  • Partnership programme with organizations and individuals around Africa and the world to assist and empower specific African child/youth.
  • Skills/Vocational Development and Acquisition.
  • Entrepreneurial Development and Training, Mentoring and Motivational programmes.

Poverty Eradication programmes (PEP)

PEP was set up to eradicate poverty among African youth and women through skill acquisition, job placement, job creation, micro-finance support, provision of trade/business tools. This involves:

  • Empowering the poor, focusing on women and tapping into their tremendous potentials.
  • Facilitating and organizing specific poverty eradication programme for women and youths.
  • Promotion of productive employment including self-employment.
  • Promotion of access to micro enterprises, initiatives and micro-finance.

Rural Development and Empowerment Programme (RUDEP)

This was set up to promote the development of rural area and the empowerment of rural dwellers in Africa so as to discourage unnecessary drift to urban centres. This involves:

  • Provision of portable water.
  • Provision of sustainable sanitation facilities.
  • Provision of income generation activities.
  • Encouragement of food security through sundry farming.
  • Access to micro enterprises initiatives and micro-finance.
  • Promoting community awareness in civil matters.
  • Promotion of community health awareness.

Disaster Relief Programme (DRP)

DRP was set up to provide immediate relief and succour for victims of wars, communal clashes, natural and other disasters. This involves the supply of:

  • Food
  • Clothes
  • Shelter
  • Sanitation
  • Health.