Future Projection



DOHAL has succeeded to a large extent in specific areas of its set objectives over the years, the time has come however for DOHAL to take stock and re-engineer itself to become more focused and more effective as a sustainable organized institution with all that it takes to positively and continuously impact children and youths in every corner of this nation: an organized institution with the capacity to reach out to Africa and network globally, according to the vision behind its establishment. There is this ten-fold agenda developed to ensure a re-engineering of DOHAL for greater impact.
3E Re-structuring our Corporate set up

This involves putting in place all essential bodies, units, etc. with clearly defined roles, functions and responsibilities and with specific cycles of operations and adequate feedback.

  1. Restructuring Our Office Set up

This shall be taken in phases from where we are now to a point where DOHAL has her own built-up office accommodation with all essential equipment, and with Liaison Offices in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and other locations strategic to the operations of DOHAL.

  1. Staff Development Project.

We intend to develop existing staff of DOHAL and bring in other capable hands that shall enhance the effective operations of DOHAL in the pursuit of its objectives.

  1. Establishing a Clear Cycle of Operations

A clear and consistent cycle of operations shall be put in place for all activities of DOHAL that takes care of all the five strategic programmes through which we intent to pursue and accomplish out corporate vision, mission and objectives and also take care of essential administrative and financial responsibilities and accountability that are required of us as an organization.

  1. Partnership Development Drive.

We intend to put in place a dynamic Partnership Programme by which we hope to give DOHAL a strong finance base for effective execution of her programmes.

  1. Developing a Network of Volunteers.

We intend to build up a network of well motivated volunteers of various levels that will ease the execution of all of DOHAL programmes.

  1. Global Networking.

We plan to network with relevant bodies and NGOs locally, nationally and globally for information sharing and synergy in our desire to help the African child and youth.

  1. Packaging a Vision 2020

We are working on a 12year Development Plan for DOHAL to provide a road for the operation of the organization for the next twelve years.

  1. Developing a reliable Database/Resource Centre/Library.

We intend to put in place a Library/Resource Centre with a strong and reliable database that will serve the purpose of DOHAL and other similar organizations.

  1. Corporate Packaging for Excellent Public Relations.

We plan to repackage and properly brand DOHAL for a good public relations to boost the confidence and trust of our partners and all stakeholders.

  1. Building of DOHAL’s Permanent Site.

We plan to build and move the office to the permanent site at the Cornerstone City, on the Ibadan-Lagos Expressway – the first phase of it is building of the Vocational Training Centre and Office Accommodation.


In order to pursue the upgraded operations of DOHAL, a sum of fifty million naira is needed. We believe God to ped. We believe God to provide this money so that we can reposition DOHAL for a more effective operation and service delivery in the years to come.

We thank you all for taking the time to be with us in today’s event. We pray the Lord to continue to bless you in all your ways.

Thank you.

Bishop & Rev. Mrs. Francis Wale Oke.

Founders of DOHAL.